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Talking Politics - on the future of health and social care

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Talking Politics on the future of health and social care

The future of health and social care will be on the agenda for David Drew’s latest Talking Politics event on 21 February in Stroud’s Old Town Hall.

Health and social care are being integrated - will this actually work effectively and is it being financed appropriately? Do we have the resources to provide the care needs (physical and mental) of an ageing population? The ‘baby boomers’ are hitting pension age: will they have higher expectations?

The NHS is facing demands for ‘efficiency savings’. Local Government provides Social Services and are facing huge cuts year on year. New treatments and drugs are offering big improvements - but at a big cost.

On 21 February David Drew will be leading a discussion on "The Future of Health & Social Care in an Ageing Society". He will be joined by Phil Hope, former Minister of State for Care Services and now Adjunct Professor at the Global Health Institute at Imperial College, London. He is a Director of Improving Care ( and the joint author of the report "Creating Sustainable Health & Care Systems in an Ageing Society".How - and where - do we deliver care for those who need it? What are the implications for carers, the NHS, statutory care providers, voluntary organisations and families. How will we afford it? What are the risks?

This discussion will take place at the Old Town Hall, The Shambles, Stroud, GL5 1AP at 7pm. This is a subject that affects us all and we are looking forward to a good discussion.

The Talking Politics series was started by David Drew as a way to get more people talking about the big political issues.  After the 21 February session, the next two topics will be:

Education - Guest Speaker - Brian Oosthuysen, County Councillor, Governor of two schools and a former teacher. 19 March at 7 pm at the Arkell Centre, Nailsworth.

Local Government - Guest Speaker Helen Holland, the leader of the Labour Group on Bristol City Council. 11 June at 7 pm at the Arkell Centre, Nailsworth.

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