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Saving our badgers

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15 Nov 2010
Campaign 1 The Coalition Government is planning a huge badger culling exercise - despite there being no scientific evidence that this will do anything to reduce bovine TB. Millions of pounds have been spent, and thousands of badgers have already been killed as part of a huge survey - but all it showed was that killing badgers did not reduce bovine TB.

We could be facing the wholly unnecessary slaughter of thousands of badgers. Sign our petition and write to the Stroud MP so he knows how strongly people feel about a cull - send your own letter or use our postcard.

For a copy of the petition against the badger cull, call 840080 or e-mail

Also, visit to find out about badgers living in our countryside and the effects of culling on animal populations.

For the independent scientific report on the needlessness of the proposed badger cull, visit (however, be warned: this is an extremely long and wordy report. Well worth reading if you need solid proof that there are better ways to combat bovine TB though!)

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