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Sign our petition to freeze energy bills

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07 Nov 2013
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Sign our petition to David Cameron asking him to freeze gas and electricity prices now

Ed Miliband and a Labour government would freeze fuel bills for 2 years from 2015, saving the average home £120 a year, making a huge difference to people struggling with a big rise in the cost of living. But households need help with the cost of living NOW. So Labour is organising a petition to call on David Cameron to freeze prices right now.

“Under David Cameron energy bills have risen by an average of £300 a year, with further rises of up to £100 expected this winter,” says David Drew, Labour’s parliamentary candidate. “In the meantime, prices have risen faster than wages for 39 of the 40 months the Coalition have been in power. All this time, energy companies continue to make excessive profits. And if energy companies won’t behave themselves the state has to intervene directly. These price increases cause misery for people, with some having to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families.

Labour MPs put a motion (see and the Opposition Debate on 6 November) to the House of Commons, asking the Government to freeze electricity & gas prices for 20 months, while legislation is brought in to regulate the energy companies better. The motion also asked for people over 75 year to be put on the cheapest tariff.

Disappointingly our Tory MP voted and spoke against this - in fact he called the price freeze “idiotic
”. He’s not standing up for people in Stroud district - he’s just happy to protect rich energy company bosses.

For a copy of the petition asking David Cameron to freeze energy bills now

- ring 01453 840080

- e-mail

- download the petition here

Freeze energy bills petition.pdf


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