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Sign the petition to cancel the incinerator contract

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15 Jan 2013
David speaks at incinerator demo

Sign the petition for the County Council to cancel the incinerator contract

Tory Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, finally gave planning permission for an incinerator at Javelin Park, Haresfield. Now Labour County Councillors are calling on the Tories who run the Council to hold a special council meeting to vote on cancelling the incinerator contract. 

Glosvain has led a magnificent campaign against the incinerator and we need to keep supporting them. A judicial review of the decision is too expensive, so the only option is for County Councillors to cancel the incinerator contract.  Local people, parish councils, Stroud District Council and many other organisations have all made it clear they do not want the incinerator built but the Tories in Westminster and at Shire Hall have ignored the public’s widespread opposition. Labour-led Stroud District Council has a new recycling contract from 2016 and they don't want their waste going to an incinerator - but as the law stands, once the refuse is collected it belongs to the County Council. The danger is that if the incinerator needs to be kept burning 24/7, the County will be keen to send as much of our refuse to the incinerator as possible, rather than to allow SDC to maximise recycling.

“We mustn't give up now  - we must fight on and get the incinerator contract scrapped," says David Drew, who has supported the anti-incinerator campaign by Glosvain from the start.  “The incinerator is the wrong technology in the wrong place and a visual monstrosity. It will mean lorry loads of waste, from all over the County and beyond, clogging up our roads to keep the furnace burning 24/7. We should push up recycling rates and deal with residual waste by methods such as smaller mechanical biological treatment plants that won’t wreck the landscape and won't cost the earth.” 

David Drew, your Labour parliamentary candidate

 What we can do to try to stop incinerator:

- Sign Glosvain's petition - and get our friends to sign it

(Contact us on 01453 840080 for a paper copy or sign online at

More details at

Write to your County Councillor to ask him/her to vote to cancel the incinerator if a meeting is agreed.

- Write to your MP to tell him you are against the incinerator

What's the alternative to the incinerator?

1) Maximise recycling. Stroud District Council has just agreed a contract which will hugely increase how much recycling we will do. But the need to feed the incinerator 24/7 may mean pressure for items to be burnt rather than recycled - a waste!

2) Collect and process food waste using anaerobic digestors

3) Mechanical Biological Treatment to take our rubbish and sort it to remove recyclables - with much of the rest then composted.

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