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Labour Councillors on Stroud District Council

There are 18 Labour Councillors on Stroud District Council. 

There are 23 Tories, 18 Labour, 2 LibDems, 8 Greens on the council, so no party has overall control of the Council since the election on 5 May 2016. The council is currently being run by a co-operative arrangement between Labour, Green and LibDem councillors.

Cainscross Ward


Councillor Rachel Curley

Rachel has lived in Cainscross since 2010. Rachel was elected as a District Councillor in 2016 and she is Vice Chair of the Audit Committee.

She works closely with the other Labour councillors, particularly Tom Williams and Jenny Miles who also represent the Cainscross ward. Rachel, Tom and Jenny regularly hold surgeries to talk to local residents and hear about any concerns. These are advertised via the Parish Council and on Facebook.

Rachel works as a senior trade union official for the National Education Union and is also Chair of Governors at St Matthew's Primary School in Cainscross.



Councillor Jenny Miles

Stroud District councillor for Cainscross ward.  Jenny served a term as a district councillor in the late 1990s and was elected to the council again in 2016.  She  is a member of the Development Control and Housing Committees.  She is also a
district council representative trustee for the Gyde Charity.

As well as her district council work she is also a Cainscross parish councillor, and a governor at St Matthew’s Primary School. When she worked Jenny managed a local residential home for people with learning disabilities.  Now retired, she looks after her grandchild for two days a week, and fills her spare time with her garden, the allotment, the dog, and caravanning.   


 Councillor Tom Williams

 (822684 or )







Cam East ward


 Councillor Miranda Clifton

(545512 or

Miranda became a district councillor for the first time in 1996, losing then regaining the seat a couple of times, and was elected back on to the council in 2013.   Since then she has served on the Community Services and Licensing Committees and is currently a member of the Housing and the Development Control (planning) Committees.  She is very aware of and concerned about the potential impact of the planned large developments around Cam and has been supporting the group preparing Cam’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.  She is particularly aware that we need to build affordable homes for the many people who have no chance of affording to buy on the open market.  She also takes an interest in youth issues, having been instrumental with fellow councillors in bringing youth services back to Cam when the County council had cut the funding.

Miranda has lived in Cam for 25 years, during which time she has been - and still is - a school governor in local primary schools and a member of Vale Vision, the Cam & Dursley Community development company.  She has also been a parish councillor for most of that time, including a term as chair.  Now retired, Mir


  Cam West ward

Councillor Paul Denney
represents Cam West
(547169 or )

I represent the Cam West ward and am vice chair of the Environment committee. I split my time between my council work and my day job as head of research for Snow Business in Ebley. Environmental concerns are my passion and working with my fellow councillors in Stroud we are making a real difference:

By helping our tenants reduce their fuel bills through the use of renewable energy we have at the same time become Europe’s first and only carbon neutral authority.

We have piloted RSuDS which has been massively successful:

Our new waste collection service has led to the highest levels of re-cycling in the county.

We are the first and only council in Gloucestershire to have a local plan in place. This allows us to control planning applications and not be subjected to the free for all that other districts are suffering from.  

We remain politically active and challenge the poor decisions made and imposed on us by our Tory neighbours and government, austerity, the Javelin park incinerator and the badger cull to name but a few. There are many other things we are doing which make Stroud district a great place to live and all this despite the huge central government cuts levelled against us. We do things differently here, we are proud to be Stroud.

 Dursley ward


Councillor Doina Cornell

represents Dursley and is Leader of the Labour Group

(548657 or

Doina has worked as community volunteer and campaigner, ever since she moved to Gloucestershire with her family in 2000. After a lifetime’s support for Labour values, she joined the Labour Party in 2010 and since 2012 has served the people of Dursley as a District Councillor. She has held different local Labour party roles and most recently was elected Chair of the Constituency Labour Party in July 2017. She is deputy leader of the Labour District Council Group and vice Chair of the Strategy and Resources Committee. Her particular interests are investing in the local economy, supporting the work of the council to ensure local people have decent and affordable homes and decent local jobs. She represents the District Council on the County Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee and has been involved in local campaigns against health cuts by the Tories. In 2016 she led the Labour EU referendum campaign in Stroud.

Doina spent her childhood sailing round the world on a small yacht and in 2012 published a memoir about this, Child of the Sea. She has held many different jobs from teacher to tea lady, and now works in Dursley for the family business Cornell Sailing organising sailing rallies and publishing books. She still loves to sail, most recently taking part in expeditions to the Arctic and Pacific to highlight how these places are at risk from climate change. Follow her on twitter @doinacornell.



 Councillor Colin Fryer
represents Dursley

(545130 or )

Colin worked for Lister Petter in Dursley for 36 years, employed as a Maintenance Fitter in the foundry.  He was a a trade unionist all his working  and eventually became a shop steward then a senior shop steward for U.N.I.T.E, seeing Lister Petter through some traumatic times.

He also served as a magistrate for 8 years for the Gloucestershire bench, sitting in Stroud, Gloucester or Cheltenham.

Now retired, Colin enjoys walking his two dogs: Sapphire a German shepherd who is just over 2 and Toby a Tibetan spaniel cross who was rescued from Spain. During the summer months he enjoys pottering around the garden tending the raised borders growing vegetables,  also growing tomatoes, cucumber and peppers in the greenhouse.

He has recently taken up fishing again and hopes to hope to spend more time in the future pursuing this hobby.


 Councillor Alison Hayward

 Alison Hayward was elected councillor in May 2016. She represents Dursley, is a committed pro-European and has a strong interest in both the built and natural environment, and is keen that the district retains its unique character while providing the kind of housing that the residents need.
She has lived in Cam for more than a decade.

She has worked as a Data Analyst for the NHS for the last 4 years for the Gloucestershire Care Services trust. In her spare time, she has been involved with local sports clubs having played cricket and currently enjoying Rugby with the Dursley Ladies team and has previously coached youth rugby at the club. She also enjoys walking and photography and is happy living in an area that has plenty of opportunities for both.

Contact (01453) 548 294 or

 Nailsworth ward


 Councillor Sue Reed

Sue Reed has lived in Nailsworth for 33 years. During this time she coordinated the Festival and facilitated neighbourhood community art projects. She is an Independent Town Councillor and former Town Mayor, her professional career has included teaching visual and creative arts in Primary, Comprehensive and Further Education. She works with residents at grass roots level, actively involved in the ‘save Highwood campaign’ and facilitated projects which protect our shared walking and cycling routes, green spaces and built environments. Her Masters degree, 2001, was focused on the Stroud Valleys Pedestrian Cycle Trail; she assisted 35 community art projects to protect the route from over development and loss of amenities. Upon hearing Jeremy Corbyn place people at the heart of politics Sue stood as a Labour District Councillor in 2016 recognising that change can only come if we work together to create a world of social and economic justice. She believes that we should protect our built environment from pollution, reduce our carbon footprint, promote activities which develop neighbourhood wellbeing; share skills and capacities if our futures are to be sustainable. This is the theme of her recently completed Doctoral thesis, 2017.

She has served on Environment Committee SDC for one year and is currently serving on  the Community Services  and Licensing  Committee which enables her  to work within her field of practice and knowledge, to serve residents to the best of her capacities. 


Councillor Steve Robinson
 Represents Nailsworth

(834270 or )

 Steve is married with 3 grown-up daughters and 5 grandchildren. He has worked with young people for almost 50 years both as a full-time and part-time Youth worker in Gloucestershire.  Steve trained at Liverpool University in the early 1970s where he qualified as a Youth and Community Worker.

He has been a member of Nailsworth Town Council for 12 years and was Chair and Mayor for 3years. 
Steve was elected as a District Councillor in 2013 and is currently Chair of Community Services and Licensing.  He was elected as County Councillor for Nailsworth Division in 2017.  The division includes Horsley, Amberley, Woodchester, Selsley and Kings Stanley.

During his spare time Steve plays outdoor bowls at Nailsworth Mills Bowling Club where he has been an active member for 30 years. Steve recognises the importance of consultation in the community.  In 2010 when the County Council withdrew its support universal youth services, Steve organised a public meeting in the town, which was attended by over 100 residents  on a freezing and snowy evening.  Those present overwhelmingly agreed to increase the precept to save the youth club and worker for the young people of Nailsworth.  A similar meeting was held when the library hours were cut by the County Council.
Steve sees his strength in being approachable and in consulting with residents.  He can usually be found in town on Saturday mornings, sat discussing issues with townsfolk.  Steve prides himself on investigating any issues raised and getting back to residents, even if the outcome is not favourable.

 Rodborough ward

 Councillor Nigel Prenter
represents Rodborough
(752757 or )

Aged 65, I have lived in the Stroud area since 1989 and in Rodborough since 1992. I studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science for five years then began teaching, first in London then in Massachusetts and Hawaii. From 1989 to 2017 I taught Government and Politics at Stroud High School, was also Head of Year 13 responsible for university applications and references, and led many school trips to Africa, Asia, Washington DC and EU institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

 I first joined the Labour Party in the 1970s but left in 1980, re-joining after 2010 in anger at the way the Right were painting the 2007/8 financial crash as the fault of the previous Labour government rather than a deregulated private sector. I have been a Stroud District Councillor since 2011, am on the Community Services and Licensing Committee, and am Treasurer of the SDC Labour Group.

As a passionate European and supporter of the EU, I am dismayed by Brexit. Having grown up on nuclear air bases as the son of an RAF airman, I am also a member of Labour Friends of the Forces and a supporter of robust defence, NATO and the UK’s nuclear deterrence. My political heroes are two socialists, Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin, and two liberals, John Maynard Keynes and William Beveridge. I am also strongly of the opinion that history will be kinder to Gordon Brown than the voters.

I am the father of two American children from my first marriage, a grandfather to a young Californian, and step-father to two more children with my wife, Joanne, with whom I have been together for the last twenty-five years. During this time I have also been playing guitar, singing, performing, writing songs and recording eight CDs with the Stroud band ‘The Hawds’. The BBC World Service has apparently aired some of our material.


 Stonehouse ward


Councillor Chris Brine
represents Stonehouse

(825917 or )






Councillor Gary Powell
represents Stonehouse and is Chair of the Licensing Committee
(826527 or )

I arrived in Stonehouse in 1948. I was educated at Stonehouse primary school and then Stonehouse secondary modern. I trained at Sperry Gyro as a manufacturing engineer and later worked for Hoffman and Daniels engineering. After managing youth football at Rodborough for 25 years I sat on the Stroud Youth Football league management committee until it merged with Gloucester youth. I now sit on Stonehouse Town Council and am Chair of Stonehouse in Bloom committee and also a member of Stonehouse horticultural show.  I have been retired for 10 years but I am currently Chair of Council and am sitting on the development control committee.



Councillor Mattie Ross
represents Stonehouse and is Chair of the Housing Committee
(826587 or





Stroud Central Ward


Councillor Skeena Rathor

Skeena’s interest in all things political began at school in organising charity fundraisers as Head Girl. At College she joined the student union and her first official political post was as health and safety officer for Richmond College Students Union. Skeena went onto become Race Equalities officer for Kent University and a candidate for Student Union President and then Regional Officer. After university came volunteer work with the Race Equality Foundation and Child Poverty Action Group. Then professional community fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care and a Regional Manager role for Cancer Research UK and Trustee for Parentline Plus. Skeena has always been involved in campaign work both locally and nationally from campaigns as varied as local land and health protection to campaigning for child health, child poverty, educational reform, race relations, women’s rights and human rights.

In 2016 Skeena joined the district council as a councillor for Stroud Central – she sits on the Environment Committee and substitutes on County Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee. As a trained early years teacher and movement educator Skeena’s particular interest is in supporting children and young people, family health and the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the residents in her ward. Skeena is the founder of Stroud’s Politics Kitchen based on the thinking of Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication and Nancy Kline’s “time to think” – a forum for community centred politics that works to grow a new kind of politics where listening, empathy, imagination and collective energy acts as the driving force for resourcing and empowering communities. Skeena is married to a fellow teacher and has three young children.


Stroud Uplands Ward



Councillor Chas Townley
represents Uplands
(756547 or

The Stanleys ward


Councillor Steve Lydon
represents The Stanleys
(0774 832 8061 or

I am aged 61 and have lived in Stroud since 2003.  In my professional career I worked predominately in the West Midlands as a  youth and community worker, FE lecturer, and then for the Learning and Skills Council initially as the Director of Regeneration for the Black Country Learning and Skills Council and later as the Executive Director of the South West Regional Skills Partnership. I have most recently worked as a consultant primarily on learning, skills and economic development. I have also worked for a trade union Aspect (now part of Prospect) as an organiser primarily promoting union learning. However since becoming a councillor my time has been very taken up with fulfilling that role.

I joined the Labour Party on 1973 and have undertaken many differing roles in the Labour movement. These include secretary of the Wolverhampton Anti-Racist Committee, organiser of the Black Country Anti-Nazi League and secretary of the Black Country Miners Support Committee. I am passionate about fairness, equality, jobs and growth. I have worked within and championed the cooperative movement.  Since being elected the first Stanleys' Labour councillor in over a decade in 2012 I have held various positions at SDC. This includes Chair of the Planning Advisory Panel (which led the adoption of the Local Plan), and led the Sheltered Housing review group which will be investing £5m into much needed homes for the elderly.

On a personal front I have been married to Julie for 32 years and am father to two great sons and recently became a grandad, as well as the proud owner of a springer spaniel - Rolo. I am also a regular visitor to Kingsholm and occasionally the New Lawn.


Labour Councillors on Gloucestershire County Council

There are 5 Labour County Councillors in Gloucestershire, 3 in this District. There are 31 Tories, 14 Liberal Democrat, 5 Labour, 2 Green, 1 People Against Democracy members. The Council is being run by the Conservatives.

Lesley Williams
County Councillor for Stonehouse (including Eastington, Standish and Ebley)
Leader of the Labour Group of Councillors
(791277 or

Brian Oosthuysen
County Councillor for Rodborough (including Rodborough, Cainscross and Cashes Green)
Deputy Leader of the Labour Group of Councillors and Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee.
(872446 or

Steve Robinson
County Councillor for Nailsworth (including Nailsworth, Horsley, Forest Green, Amberley, Woodchester and Kings Stanley)

(01453 834 270 or

Labour Town and Parish Councillors

There are also Labour Party members serving as Town and Parish Councillors across the Constituency. Town and Parish Councillors are usually less political but many Labour Party members play a part in their community by serving as Parish Councillors.
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