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Labour candidates in the 2014 Stroud District Council elections on 22 May

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Labour has a candidate in all 18 Stroud District Council wards that are up for election.  For our manifesto, see

Berkeley - Kay Newcombe

Kay has lived in Sharpness all her life. She works for Magnox, at Oldbury and the Berkeley Labs and has experience representing people as trade union rep. She’s always involved herself in community activities, on the parish council and organisations from guides to school governor. Kay believes the Berkeley and Sharpness area is a wonderful place to live, but we’ve lost services from schools and hospitals to buses and brass bands. Kay wants to work with Liz Ashton on a strategic plan for the area, creating local jobs, revitalising the town centre and the docks, activities for young and old, the best we can for the local community.

Bisley - Joan Moore

Joan has lived in the Stroud area for 7 years. She retired from teaching and works as a volunteer in a number of community groups like Stroud Credit Union. She lives with her husband, Stephen in Rodborough - her interests include allotment gardening, recorder playing and live theatre. Like many rural communities, Bisley, is threatened by inappropriate green field development, flooding, speeding, rising energy/fuel costs etc. Joan would work with the Parish Council on ways to improve life for residents. She believes it’s important that we all contribute to achieving a better, more equal and just society: that’s why she is politically active and involved in the community.

Cainscross - Karon Cross

Karon lives in Cashes Green with her 4 children and she works as a nurse in an A&E department. Over the last 8 years, she’s helped local residents with individual problems, as well as taking up issues like flooding, planning, speeding traffic and anti-social behaviour. With many new houses being built we must make sure residents benefit from the changes as well as from canal regeneration work. Within the Labour-led Council Karon is part of focusing the council on creating and supporting local jobs and apprenticeships, building new council houses and tackling the cost of living crisis, without raising Council Tax

Cam East - Miranda Clifton

Miranda has been committed to working for Cam since moving here 20 years ago. She’s a school governor and as a district and parish councillor, got improvements to the Jubilee Playing Field and helped bring youth services back after Tory cuts. She’s helped many individuals with problems/issues. Cam is facing real threats to several greenfield sites after Government Inspectors allowed developers to build at Box Road. We need jobs before houses - as part of a Labour-led Council Miranda is working on creating/supporting local jobs and apprenticeships, building new council houses and tackling the cost of living crisis, without raising Council Tax.

Cam West - Julie Douglass

Julie is married with 2 sons and lives in Woodfield. She’s a teacher, currently working as a teaching assistant at a school in Gloucester, Julie has a strong interest in animal welfare/environmental issues, working with wildlife charities and campaigning with Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting.  She has an interest in support for older people - ways to help people stay, supported, in their own homes for longer. Cam is a great place to live but we need jobs before houses. Julie would be party of the Labour-led Council, which is working to create local jobs and apprenticeships, building new council houses and helping people affected by the cost of living crisis.

>Central - Tosca Cabello-Watson

Tosca has lived in the Stroud area since she was 11.  After getting her degree she returned home and she and her partner are starting up a printing business. Tosca is committed to reducing the impact of benefit cuts on families in Stroud. Her main priorities are local jobs, wages and housing. She’ll fight to keep public services open. With record numbers of families attending the Stroud Foodbank, poverty is becoming a real issue in the town and around the country.  24 year old Tosca lives on a boat (with 2 cats and a rescue dog) on the Sharpness Canal, partly because she can’t afford to live in Stroud -  she knows the pressures families face.

Chalford - Sheila McGrath

Sheila moved to Gloucestershire a few years ago. She spent her working life in education and social care, in the public and voluntary sectors and since retiring has used her knowledge to support a local voluntary organisations.  She understands life is increasingly difficult for families struggling, as deepening cuts are made in public services by the Coalition at national and local level. As Councillor, she would use her experience to work for local residents to achieve better, fairer services and make sure rural areas don’t lose out - we need better bus services, improved employment and housing opportunities, access to affordable childcare and good public health services.

Coaley and Uley - Patricia Leonard

Tricia Leonard lives in Uley with her two sons, the younger at secondary school and the older at university. She works as a counsellor at schools in Gloucestershire and Bristol. In her spare time she supports our local rugby club and enjoys horse riding and walking in our beautiful countryside. Coaley and Uley are good communities to live in, with volunteers making a difference to residents’  lives, as Coalition cuts affect local services. As District Councillor she’d give active support to keeping shops, schools and pubs open, oppose larger developments while seeking affordable housing for young people and downsizing older residents to stay near family. Speeding and public transport need addressing too.

Dursley - Colin Fryer

Colin has lived in Dursley all his life, working at Listers as a maintenance fitter for 37 years, and  senior shop steward for most of that time, helping many employees, especially during recent problems.  He also served as JP for 8 years.  It’s crunch time for us in Dursley - we have to focus on getting jobs coming into the area or see the town dwindle into a dormitory town. We’re also threatened with large, inappropriate housing development. As District Councillor, Colin would be part of a Labour-led Council, creating create local jobs and apprenticeships, building new council houses, helping people affected by the cost of living crisis.

Hardwicke - Theresa Watt

Theresa has worked for a national conservation charity for over 24 years. She believes it’s important to have activities for local young people and has been a Guide Leader and school governor (as well as involved in other community groups) for many years. She lives in Stonehouse with her husband and their two grown up children. She would work with residents and the Parish Council on issues facing Hardwicke as a result of housing developments past, present and future, including traffic and speeding. She is opposed to the planned incinerator and to any future mass development in and around Hardwicke and wants more support for small businesses

Nailsworth - Steve Robinson

Steve was born and raised in Nailsworth. He’s married with 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. He worked in the family butchery business for 25 years and also worked with young people for 46 years, qualifying as a Youth Worker. He’s a member of Nailsworth Town Council and former Mayor. Steve has worked for Nailsworth on keeping the Youth Club open, improving opening hours for the library, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, tackling speeding vehicles and much more. He wants community allotments at Carters Way, more car parking spaces in the centre and more affordable housing - as District Councillor he would take these issues forward for the town.

Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe - Vanessa Price

Vanessa lives in Whiteshill with her firefighter husband, Steve, plus a small menagerie of dogs, rescue cats, hens and pigs. Vanessa has enjoyed contributing to the community by serving as a parish councillor and feels the logical next step is to be able to do more for local people by working at Stroud District Council. She’s a community minded person who is a school governor, a campaigner against badger culling, a volunteer with Stroud in Bloom, the Parish Snow Warden, an organiser for Open Gardens and more. Vanessa would work on reducing speeding and 20mph schemes, protection of shop, pubs and schools, protection of green fields from greedy developers and options for our community buildings.<

Painswick -  Tom Lydon

Thomas has lived in Stroud district for eleven years, attending Marling School, then Leeds University. He joined the Labour Party aged 16 and has been active ever since. For two years, Thomas was Chair of Stroud District Youth Council, sitting on bodies like the District Climate Change Panel and Local Strategic Partnership. He believes young people need local services provided by professionals but Tory cuts leave parish councils and community groups picking up the pieces. We need a mix of affordable housing - so young people can stay in our villages, and older people can downsize - plus rural employment opportunities.  We must fight the creeping privatisation of our NHS.

Severn - John Greenwood

John and his wife Claire have lived in the district for 26 years. After working as a civil servant for over 20 years, John ran his own business until he retired. He’s a member of the Slimbridge St Georges Twinning Society. The villages of the Severn area are under pressure from developers, now the Coalition has relaxed planning laws. Local services like shops and pubs are under threat and flooding and speeding cause problems. The cost of living crisis affects rural areas more, and the Bedroom Tax has had an effect, with few smaller houses to move into. John would work to improve things for all the communities in the Severn ward.

Stonehouse - Gary Powell

Gary has lived all his life in Stonehouse and has served his community as Town and District Councillor. He’s married to Lin, with a grown-up family and grandchildren. Gary is a co-founder of the Stonehouse Horticultural show and plays a key role in the life of Stonehouse, from keeping our High Street flower displays planted and watered to getting improvements for young people at Oldends Lane. Gary has a long record of working with the scouts and youth football teams. He wants decent housing for all but a halt to dumping inappropriate housing in the  Stonehouse area. We need to keep attracting jobs and employers and to support our High Street shops.

The Stanleys - Lesley Williams<

Lesley lives with her husband, Tom, in Kings Stanley. She is County Councillor for the Stonehouse area, parish councillor for Kings Stanley and a school governor. At the County Lesley was successful in getting a Living Wage for council employees (encouraging other employers to do the same), free bus travel for young apprentices - and she’s pushing for pensioners to be able to use bus passes before 9.30am. With Stanleys Labour Councillor, Steve Lydon, she’ll fight the plans for development in Kings Stanley and Leonard Stanley, support the parish council on speeding and traffic issues and support small businesses. She wants local flood risk areas monitored and local services protected.

Vale - Philip Boobyer

Philip is married with two grown up sons. He’s lived in the Vale for over 20 years and is retired after a career in the construction industry. He volunteers with Stroud Valley Credit Union and works for wildlife study groups.  Philip is concerned about government housing policies which are creating serious, long term problems for the less well off.  He’d like to improve public transport, which is a problem for young and old alike, and tackle speeding, flooding and inappropriate development. Philip supports building some affordable housing and if elected would push for action on the Newport Towers site.  He would work for Ham, Stone, Alkington, Newport and Stinchcombe

Wotton - John Fowles

John worked at Berkeley Labs and Oldbury Power Station till retiring last year. He’s married with two children and two granddaughters and has experience as District and Parish Councillor to offer Wotton residents.  John would work with the Town Council on parking and speeding issues and push for jobs before houses - though we need some affordable houses so young people and older residents who want to downsize can remain near family. The cost of living crisis is affecting Wotton, with local services reduced and use of the Foodbank increasing.  The Lib Dems are working with Tories nationally – Labour is the only party who will support you and fight the cuts.  

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