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Labour candidates 2015

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Labour has a candidate in all the 18 wards up for election on 7 May 2015

To see our manifesto for the Stroud District Council elections go to Labour manifesto for the SDC elections 2015 .pdf

Cainscross - Mark Rees

I’ve represented residents of Cainscross, Cashes Green, Ebley and Westrip for 8 years, helping residents with housing, planning, anti-social behaviour and traffic calming etc. Born and educated in Stroud, Mark lives in Cashes Green with his wife, Tina. He has a small grandson, Leo. Mark served as Special Constable for 30 years and works with the police on road safety. He’s a self-employed painter and decorator - and a lay preacher. Mark wants to see more jobs/apprenticeships locally (with decent pay!), as well as good facilities for young people. He wants council houses in good repair and practical ways to keep older residents supported at home plus our NHS saved from more privatisation. I’ve been proud to represent you all as Chair of Council over the last year. I am still motivated to help local people and enthusiastic about making a difference locally. I hope you’ll support me on 7 May so I can continue to work for Cainscross.

Cam East - Brendan Skelton

I live locally with my partner, Kathie. I know the area through enjoying walking, sketching and talking with local people. My background in building, teaching and local government, could be useful to support my work as a Councillor for Cam. I’d like to improve transport connections for people to get to work and leisure activities. Cam is a beautiful area - it's disappointing that government inspectors allow indiscriminate development.  We’ve lost a lot of jobs - attracting more jobs, tackling unemployment and low pay is a priority.  I feel strongly about supporting our local hospital, GPs and staff, and protecting our NHS services from privatisation - and doing more to support older people’s desire to stay in their own homes. We should tackle speeding - and those potholes. If elected I look forward to working with local Cam residents and would keep in touch with the progress of any issues raised.

Cam West  - Paul Denney

I moved here over 20 years ago and I’ve been your Councillor for the last 4. I live in Woodfield with my wife and children and I work as an engineer. We've lost many jobs locally but our Labour-led Council is investing nearly £2 million helping businesses, apprenticeships, skills-training and people affected by Coalition cuts.  The £23 million repair programme of council housing will improve tenants' lives and give work to local companies. We must tackle the injustice of low pay and zero hours contracts too.  In Cam Government Inspectors have allowed inappropriate development despite the Council’s best efforts - developers exploit the coalition's relaxation of planning laws. I have a particular interest in our natural environment and climate change. I’m against badger culling and against the incinerator. I want to stop the privatisation of our NHS and find practical ways to help older people stay in their own homes for longer.

Central Ward, Stroud - Jim Heslop

I live locally in the centre of Stroud and love Stroud's unique, friendly atmosphere. My work has been with young people for many years, helping get them into education, employment or training. I’ve seen young people exploited through zero hour contracts and low pay - it’s made me feel strongly about every young person getting the best opportunity to progress through life - we need a Labour government to get jobs, apprenticeships, and decent wages paid. I’ll support our hospital, now under threat of privatisation, putting profit before people. Developers are trying to make a quick buck out of developing some of our beautiful areas around Stroud. I want to make sure all development is fair and sensible with affordable housing prioritised. I’ve been out and about talking to local people about issues like local traffic problems, reductions in local services, the Bedroom Tax - if you elect me I’ll be in touch to help regularly - not just at election time.

Chalford - David Taylor

I’ve lived in Bussage for 31 years (43 years in Gloucestershire). I’m retired after working in the health service, 13 years with the Ambulance Service, plus 20 years in the Fire Service. I also worked as a union rep - so I’m used to representing the interests of working people. I still work part-time, running my own business, so I’ve experience of the public and private sector - useful skills in representing you on the Council.  I want more emphasis on attracting jobs to the district - building affordable houses creates work for local firms. I support the legal challenge the Council is making against the unnecessary incinerator. I want improved access to jobs via better bus services and childcare and to see more done to support older people to stay longer in their own homes. I’d fight plans from developers trying to cover our green fields with housing and support more activities for young people.

Dursley - Geoff Wheeler

I live in Dursley and have been your District Councillor for 4 years. Before retiring, I worked in the electricity industry for 30 years, 23 at the labs in Berkeley. I’ve worked for Dursley for many years, in the successful Vale Vision group that brought us half a million pounds investment.  As Leader of Stroud District Council, I’ve introduced a major plan to increase jobs and growth in the district.  Council houses are being built again, recycling is on the up alongside great progress on energy efficiency, help for older people needing practical support and a GP referral scheme for young people with mental health problems. We’re building a fitness extension to Dursley Pool. We've bought the small Castle Street car park to keep short term parking. I want to get more jobs at Littlecombe, improve access to the station, and continue helping young people with training and careers advice. 

Eastington and Standish - Sue Oppenheimer

I’ve enjoyed being active in my community, from setting up a playgroup and running summer play schemes, to serving on Standish Parish Council for 8 years.  I worked as a community development specialist in the voluntary sector and local government. I’m an avid cyclist, active grandmother and smallholder - and also volunteer with Stroud CAB, helping campaign for policy change on issues like the Bedroom Tax and pre-payment meters. As chair of GlosVAIN, I’ve spent 6 years leading the campaign against Tory County Council plans for an incinerator at Javelin Park - advocating better, cheaper, safer alternatives. I’m on the board overseeing restoration of the Standish Hospital site. I’ve campaigned hard against the proposed new settlement West of Stonehouse - and would welcome the chance to continue these campaigns as your District Councillor. Rural Eastington and Standish are beautiful areas under attack from predatory development. We need more homes, but developments should enhance communities, not threaten their character.

Farmhill and Paganhill - Paul Mapplebeck

I moved to Paganhill from Dursley 5 years ago. I worked in social work, helping children and families and have a record of work for my local community. I’m retired so have the time to work for Farmhill and Paganhill residents - I already work for local people on Stroud Town Council.  I’d work closely with community organisations in the area, supporting residents, young and old. Affordable housing is needed, but green spaces like Callowell Fields must be protected. I’m keen to support youth work, to prevent further privatisation of our local NHS and to get more jobs paying decent wages. David Drew is a hard act to follow as your District Councillor - but my pledge is to work hard for individuals and the whole area, to be available to you when you need help and to sort out problems for you, as David has done so capably over the last 4 years.

Minchinhampton - Mark Huband

I’m an author, businessman and award-winning former foreign correspondent, so can bring to the role of Councillor all I’ve gained from years of listening, learning and understanding the issues which really matter. As founder of a successful small business, I know how to turn ideas into reality. I live in Brimscombe with my wife and two grown-up children and am keen to preserve the beauty of our area while also meeting the needs of all the people who live in it. Better housing, transport, healthcare and education are in the interests of everybody - as your Councillor I’ll champion these interests in order to ensure fairness, while speaking up for all. I’ll campaign for 20-mile zones where needed; for affordable housing on brownfield sites where possible; for practical support for older people to stay in their own homes; for a fair deal for farmers grazing cattle on Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons and for better lighting at bus stops.

Nailsworth - Jo Smith

I’m a retired nurse and come from a farming background. I’ve lived in Pinfarthings, above the town, for 35 years.  As a family we’ve watched Nailsworth’s shops and restaurants grow a little smarter, but the friendliness and community spirit remains rock solid - I love it, and the surrounding hills and valleys. I believe in community engagement. I co-ordinate the monthly Alzheimer Cafe in Nailsworth and am a volunteer guide with the Textile Trust at Dunkirk Mill. I’m a long term member of the Fairtrade Town group and helped start the Nailsworth/Vumilia Link, supporting education/health projects in a Tanzanian village. I care deeply about justice and fairness and am angry about rising inequality due to Coalition cuts to the NHS and public services. I’d like to join Labour colleagues on the Council, creating jobs and apprenticeships, tackling low pay, building affordable homes.  I’d support the co-operative and community action in Nailsworth and Horsley, like the Community Land Trust building affordable homes for renting. (163)

Slade ward, Stroud  - Vanessa Price

I grew up in the ward, attending the local Primary School, my Mother worked there for over 20 years. I’m a strong believer in community engagement, having worked as a snow warden, NGS open garden organiser, parish councillor and school governor. I’m an active environmental campaigner - campaigning against the incinerator and badger culling (out on wounded badger patrols) and for 20mph speed limits. I was awarded "Community Champion" by Stroud Town Council in 2014. I’ve worked in the town centre for 25 years and want to see it regenerated, attracting more independent retailers. More support is needed for older people to stay in their own homes longer - I worked for a mobility aid company so know the issues. I’d use my experience and my passion for local issues as your District Councillor - including work to get more jobs locally, to stop indiscriminate housing development and to protect our NHS services from privatisation.

Rodborough - Nigel Prenter

I’ve lived in Rodborough since 1992 and have taught at Stroud High School for 26 years, seeing many of my students to go on to study politics at university. Over the last 5 years I’ve been involved in local campaigns to retain Rodborough’s bus services and oppose development of Rodborough Fields. We need more full-time jobs rather than supermarkets - not low-paid part-time jobs and more traffic. The Labour-led Council has helped the CAB, Credit Union and Foodbank support individuals suffering problems due to Coalition welfare reforms like the Bedroom Tax. I support the legal action being taken to challenge the huge incinerator wanted by County Tories and the programme of 150 new council houses, plus 450 affordable homes in the pipeline. I want our local NHS services kept in public hands and I support ways to support older people staying in their own home for longer. We need to tackle speeding, parking and potholes.

Stonehouse - Chris Brine

I’ve lived in Stonehouse for 33 years and work as a training professional - at Dairy Crest for many years, now with my own business. I’m married with 3 grown-up children and 4 grandchildren. For 20 years I’ve worked for Stonehouse with local organisations including schools and young people, plus helping individuals. I helped get the new youth club and the Stonehouse Partnership set up.  Our Labour-led Council is building council houses, with a £23 million council housing improvement programme providing local jobs. Recycling is on the up; energy efficiency measures make people’s homes warmer. We’ve better facilities for leisure, help for older people who need practical support and we’re helping people suffering from Coalition cuts. But there’s more to do. I’d like to continue High Street improvements, keep our 100% shop occupancy rate, safeguard our library and Post Office. I’m proud to be a Stonehouse resident - if re-elected, I’ll continue doing my best for residents and business.

Thrupp - Françoise Pinteaux-Jones

I live in Thrupp and have two grown-up daughters who live and work locally.  I moved into Stroud District in 1975 and taught French for twenty years in local schools, leaving teaching in the '90s to set up my own translation business - giving me some knowledge of issues small businesses deal with. I believe in community engagement - I served as a Town Councillor in Stonehouse and as a parent governor. I’m a member of Christians on the Left and the Co-operative Party. With a small grandson and an ailing dad, I have first-hand experience of difficulties families encounter when the going gets rough. I support Labour Councillors’ work to get more jobs/apprenticeships and the extra help they fund for people suffering from Coalition cuts and unfair welfare changes. Locally we must find ways to continue the canal regeneration and the redevelopment of Brimscombe Port and to tackle parking issues and road safety in some areas.

Trinity - Diana Basterfield

I moved to Stroud from London 10 years ago and love it here. I’ve always worked for my local community, whether setting up playschemes, organising seaside trips for disadvantaged children or improving council services for women - from mobile cancer screening vans to improved domestic violence policies. I’ve campaigned for a stronger voice for NHS patients and worked on ways to improve care for older people. I’m against Trident and fracking and oppose the Haresfield incinerator. I’m appalled by how the Coalition is wrecking Britain - we must fight this. I want environment-protecting jobs created locally - improving home insulation, raising housing and living standards for ordinary people. We must tackle low pay and zero hour contracts. We should improve local bus services to reduce car use and stop the creeping privatisation of our NHS. I have experience as a Councillor that I’d use for Trinity residents - if elected I'll work hard for you and keep in touch.

Uplands - Chas Townley

As a former District and Town Councillor for Uplands I believe I can be a strong and effective campaigner for residents. I'm a keen local historian and have an active interest in heritage and planning issues. Affordable housing is a key issue and I want to see derelict sites regenerated to meet local needs. I oppose building on greenfield sites around the town. Road Safety is a high priority and I'm campaigning for the 20 mph speed limit in Stroud to be extended. I'm also working on a campaign to highlight the dangers of poor driving at work.  We need decent jobs and investment in Stroud so our young people have a fighting chance. I want to see the Tory Bedroom Tax ended. We must also fight the growing privatisation of our local NHS. If elected I’ll work hard for residents and keep in touch with residents including regular newsletters.

Valley - Andy Treacher

I live in Stroud and am involved in community groups on a variety of issues. I helped set up Transition Stroud as part of a nation-wide movement to push for alternative technologies - away from our dependence on coal and oil. I oppose Trident and fracking and I’m against the planned incinerator at Haresfield. Tackling fuel poverty, making homes warmer and safer for vulnerable people is a key aim I’d pursue at the Council, plus support for its programme to get affordable houses. We need better support for older people to stay in their own homes. I’m a lifelong campaigner on equality - we're seeing an unprecedented rise in inequality. If elected I’d join a Labour-led Council with a focus on creating jobs. Backing 'green' technologies in Stroud would provide good jobs for Stroud workers - and cut carbon emissions. I’ve worked in the NHS and am deeply concerned about the incremental privatisation of  local health services.

Wotton-under-Edge - Charlie Burling

I live in Wotton and am retired so have the time available to serve as your District Councillor. I have extensive local government experience to offer Wotton and North Nibley residents. I was a Labour councillor in Croydon, with expertise in housing, finance and environmental health before moving to Gloucestershire. I was also a Councillor on Stroud district for two years. I have long experience of housing issues including work with homeless young people. I’ve always stood up for the people I represent and worked to improve their lives. I want to see the NHS protected from further privatisation and to get more jobs and training locally - with decent pay. I’d work with Labour Councillors to get support for small businesses, more affordable housing and practical ways to support older people at home. This election is about getting good representation and a fair deal for local people from Stroud District Council.

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