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17 Sep 2013
Paul Denney Brian May’s e-petition to stop the badger cull is the most signed e-petition ever. Sadly the government, backed by the NFU, is determined to push ahead with a policy that’s not only universally disliked, but universally condemned by the vast majority of the scientific community. Put bluntly it just won't work and it is causing a distraction from the only real way to solve the TB issue which is vaccination. Local hero Edward Jenner presented his findings on vaccination to the royal society in 1788 and it changed the course of human and animal history. Thank goodness he wasn’t working for DEFRA, or we would probably be shooting kids with measles to try to stop it spreading.

The Labour led District council has always stood firm against the culling of badgers and we’re now actively looking at ways to help to keep badgers alive and at the same time stop the spread of TB. Yes we will have to find ways to fund this but it will be nothing like the £2 million Gloucestershire police will need to spend on policing the cull; money wasted - tax payers money, our money that should be spent on fighting crime.

Councillor Paul Denney 

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