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Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny

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16 Sep 2013
Steve Lydon election At the first Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Steve Lydon reports that some of the issues covered were:

- The closure of the Ambulance Station at Cam was discussed at 2 meetings. Steve asked the Ambulance Trust to consider all options including staying at the present site, and for information on how they would get views from key stakeholders and local community. He asked for a report of their proposals and the work done to understand the potential effect on patients. There was a robust discussion with the Ambulance Trust on response times/activity.

- The draft Annual Report of the Director of Public Health gave an opportunity to find out about/comment on key local public health issues such as health inequalities, an ageing population and obesity.

- The NHS 111 service is causing great concern to members of the public and committee members were equally concerned. The Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG) told the committee they shared the concerns and had an action plan. The committee will be monitoring this closely.

- Procurement of a new Out of Hours Service had again been deferred which is a concern. The GCCG said that having weighed up the risks and wanting to learn from the issues raised in the NHS111 service it felt that this was the most appropriate course of action. 

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