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There are many ways to get involved with Labour

If you share our values and might be interested in finding out more about what you could get involved with, please get in touch. We are local people who work together to try and publicise unfairness and injustice, to campaign on local issues and to support Labour candidates at election time.

Stroud Constituency Labour Party is a group of people who care about their families and communities and want to see them better protected, especially during harder times, like now - with food prices rising, jobs scarce and our youth service, police presence and more, all disappearing or being cut back. It’s also now good to have a Labour-led council that supports our aims.

There are many different ways to get involved with the Labour Party, from helping to make national policy decisions and campaigning locally on issues that matter to you or delivering local newsletters and attending social events. You don't have to join the Labour Party to be involved as a supporter.

Deliver leaflets for local campaigns, your local Labour Councillor and your Labour Party Branch

If you would like to deliver newsletters, campaign or election leaflets or for your local branch occasionally, please let us know. All our leaflets are delivered by volunteers who share our beliefs and want to help get the Labour message and information across to people - and with over 40,000 properties to cover across the constituency, we always welcome more help.


Keep in touch through this website, Facebook and Twitter

Look out for updates on news and campaigns featured on this week. We also have a Stroud CLP Facebook  which is open to anyone

Plus a Stroud Labour Members Facebook which is a closed group for members of the constituency labour party only


Get involved with policy and campaigning in a particular area of expertise - or use your skills for Labour

If you have knowled of a particular policy area, from health or education to animal wefare or trade unions and workers' rights, there are opportunities to work with colleagues in the local Labour Party on developing policy and putting campaigns together.

If you have a particular skill, such as designing newsletters, research, fundraising, IT, writing leaflets etc, we welcome your involvement with the campaign to elect a Labour Member of Parliament to represent Stroud and to help the Labour Party campaign locally.


Join us, campaign with us in the market towns and rural villages of Stroud Constituency

Stroud Constituency Labour Party members meet together every two months at an “All Member Meetings” and we also have a number of individual branches which hold more local meetings, campaigning, socialising and fundraising together.

If you’d like to find out more, our branch contacts are as follows;

Cainscross: Ros Scott-Hodgetts

Cam, Dursley and Berkeley: John Fowles Tel: 01453 548529

Nailsworth and Rodborough: Neil McLauglin Tel: 07534 619788 

The Stanleys: Mike Barke Tel: 01453 753262 and 07528 114872

Stonehouse and Eastington Tel:01453 821428

Stroud: Subbu Subbuswamy Tel:01453 764351

West Cotswold: Hereward Corbett Tel: 01453 751466

Join Labour, campaign with us locally - on privatisation, the NHS, unfair welfare cuts and more. Attend local social events and work with fellow activists.

If you are under 27 years, see the Young Labour section of our website.

As a local supporter, join for a local rate of £15.  (£1 if 14-19 years, a student). Call 0845 0922299 , call in at 5a Lansdown (11am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 12 noon on Saturdays) or  see

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