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Donations from supporters are as vital to the local Labour Party now as they have ever been. Any donation is appreciated, whether it is a few pounds from your own pocket or a donation from a local business. Without our supporters it would be difficult to run an effective campaign to elect a local Labour M.P. in 2020, so this is a big thank you in advance from Stroud Constituency Labour Party for any donations received.

If you would like to donate money to Stroud Constituency Labour Party to fund our campaigns, you can

- Send a cheque (payable to Stroud Labour Party) to 5a Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

- Make a donation by BACS:  Account Name: Stroud CLP General Account;  Account Number: 58120741;  Sort Code: 08-60-01

Why do we need your support?
To get a Labour M.P. re-elected in 2020 we need to produce leaflets, newsletters and other literature on a regular basis.  With 45,000 households in the constituency and the need to reach a large rural area as well as our market towns. Without funds provided by members and supporters we wouldn’t be able to carry out all this work.

Please note: Donations to a political party are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.  

If anyone donates more than £500 a check will be made to ensure their name is listed on the UK electoral register (excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). If anyone donates more than £1,500 to a Constituency Labour Party or more than £7,500 to the national Labour Party in a calendar year, their name and the amount of the donation will be published on the Electoral Commission's website, although home addresses will not be made public. Only a person’s own funds  can be used to make a donation to the Labour Party. Donations are not tax-deductible.

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