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Stroud CLP Hundreds Club

The Stroud CLP Hundreds Club is one of our regular and effective ways of raising funds for the Constituency Labour Party. It was relaunched in March 2017 as a successor to the Supporters Club. 50% of the monthly share fund goes to prize winners and 50% goes to CLP funds to support campaigns and local and national elections. We welcome members from all supporters and friends and you do not have to be a Labour Party member to join.

It works by offering supporters of the Labour Party an opportunity to buy annual shares for £12.00 per share and be part of the monthly draw which has three cash prizes. Shares can be paid for by standing order, cheque or cash. The application form can be downloaded from this page, or obtained from the Labour Party office at 5a Lansdown, Stroud. 

The draw will take place at the bi-monthly All Members Meeting (AMM) or at the Executive Committee meeting in the months when there is no AMM. Prize winners will be informed by email or post and their names will be listed on this page of the website. The rules of the club are also available on this page.

I hope you will join us and give yourself a chance to win a cash prize whilst supporting the campaign for justice and fairness for all which the Labour Party stands for.

To apply to join, please fill in, print off and send the application form that you will find here .




The Hundreds Club was launched at the March all members meeting and David Drew bought the first shares and encouraged members, friends and supporters to support fund raising by buying shares in the CLP club. Shareholders will be eligible to win one of three cash prizes at each monthly draw.

Results of the First Draw

The first prize draw of the Hundreds Club took place on Monday 19 June at the all members meeting at Nailsworth town hall.

Congratulations to the winners:

First prize - Miranda Clifton
Runners up - Andy Treacher and Peter Nelstrop 

There will be 12 prize draws during the year for club members. There is still time to buy shares for the second draw. Your membership money will support David Drew in his general election campaign.


Results of the Second Draw

The second prize draw of the Hundreds Club took place on Friday 21 July at the AGM held at St. Josephs Church Hall, Stonehouse.

Congratulations to the winners:

First prize - Mark Nurse £36
Runners up - Diana Basterfield and Peter Humphries £12 each.

There will be 10 more prize draws during the year. 


Results of the September Draw

The winners of the September Hundreds Club draw are:

First prize - Maurice Case £38
Runners up - Gary Strudwick and Steve Lydon £12 each.

Congratulations to the winners!

The next prize draw will be held at the Stroud CLP Executive Meeting on October 2nd. 


Results of the November Draw

The November prize draw of the Hundreds Club took place on Saturday 18 November at the AMM, Christ Church, London Road, Chalford.

First Prize - Tasha Goddard £41
Runners up - Kaarina Kekalainen and Paul Mapplebeck £12 each.

Well done all!


Results of the January 2018 Draw

The first prize draw of the Hundreds Club for 2018 took place on Friday 26 January at the AMM, held in the Old Town Hall, Stroud.

First Prize - Michael Gibbons: £42
Runners up - Margaret Lear and Christine Stockwell: £12 each.

Congratulations to the winners!


Results of the February 2018 Draw

The February prize draw of the Hundreds Club took place at the EC Meeting.

First Prize - Nick Harris: £43
Runners up - Tasha Goddard-Clarke and David Drew: £12 each.

Congratulations to the winners!


Results of the March 2018 Draw

The March prize draw of the Hundreds Club took place on Friday 23 March at the All Members Meeting held in the Nailsworth Town Hall.

First Prize - Kaarina Kekalinen: £43
Runners up - Paul Gibson and Chris Minett: £12 each.

As always, congratulations to the winners!



1.    Aim of the Club
a.   The Stroud Labour Party Supporters’ Club was first established in March 1999 and re-instated and re-named The Stroud CLP Hundreds Club in March 2017.
b.    The aim is to raise funds for Stroud Constituency Labour Party.

2.    Who will oversee the club?
a.    The trustees are: Chris Minett, Mick Gibbons, Sarah Madley and Joanna Penman
b.    The controlling body will be the trustees. They will be known as the Club Executive Committee and will report to the General Committee [GC] meeting every other month.
c.    Officers of the Club Executive Committee will be responsible for the draw.

3.    How the club will work?
a.    Participation is open to members or supporters of the Stroud Constituency Labour Party aged 16 or over.
b.    The annual cycle of this draw will run from May 2017 – April 2018 and from May in any one year to April the following year, in subsequent cycles.
c.    Participants (shareholders) who join for a year (May – April) must buy a minimum of one share (twelve monthly £1 tickets) with a total stake of £12.
d.    Shareholders can buy as many shares as they choose, eg two shares will cost £24, three shares £36 etc.
e.    Shareholders can join later, after the May start-date, and will pay on a pro-rata basis for the remaining months of the year.
f.     Shareholders will only be included in the draw if they have paid by the 14th of the month preceding any draw.
g.    Shareholders may withdraw from the club at any time but cannot be refunded for the portion of the year still remaining.

4.    When will the draws take place?
a.    The first draw will be on May 19th 2017
b.    Subsequent monthly draws will take place, either
  • at the All-Members Meeting which takes place every other month, or
  • at the Executive Committee Meetings in months when there are no All-Members’ Meetings.

5.    What are the prizes?
a.    The prize fund each month will be 50% of the total value of the shares for that month. The remaining 50% will go to the Stroud Constituency Labour Party.
b.    Whilst the number of shares held is fewer than 100 there will be one winner who will take all of the prize fund.
c.    When the number of shares held reaches 100 or more, there will be three prizes awarded, one first prize and two equal second prizes of £12 each.
d.    When this happens, the value of the first prize will depend on the size of the prize fund (eg. with 200 shareholders there would be a prize fund of £100, which would go to one £76 first prize and two £12 prizes).
e.    The committee's decision is final.
f.     Prize winners will receive their prizes by cheque in the post.
g.    The names of winners will be posted on the Stroud Constituency Labour Party web-site ( and also at the office at 5a Lansdown, Stroud.
h.    Details of previous draws and prize-winners will be available from the Stroud CLPHundreds Club Trustees.

6.    How to join
a.    Entry forms are available from Stroud Labour Party, 5a Lansdown, Stroud. or from the website (




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