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07 Sep 2010

As ballot papers arrive on members' doorsteps I have to say that I have been pleased at the comradely way in which the debate has been conducted.  Sadly you will not have read and heard about this as at times there has been a virtual news black-out such is the way in which the debate has progressed. 

Of course they were only interested in potential fall-outs and when they didn't come they quickly lost interest.  Only ludicrous headlines over the last week from the Telegraph when it predicted a Labour civil war on the back of Tony Blair's autobiography raised a momentary interest.  The fact is that the election of a future Prime Minister should be of prime interest and it says much about the concentration of our dreadful media says all that is wrong in this country.

For myself I shall vote:

1  Diane Abbott

2  Ed Miliband

3  Andy Burnham

4  David Miliband

5  Ed Balls


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