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25 Sep 2010

I am pleased that at long last the Trades Union Congress is beginning to provide some leadership against the mad and unfair cuts being imposed by the Coalition.  Clearly we don't know how bad it will become because we have yet to get the Comprehensive Spending Review that will be released later in October.  However from the cuts that are already happening it is clear that all apart from the very rich are in for a very tough time.  Look no further than the campaign currently being run by the local Fire Brigades Union urging us all to write to the Chief Fire Officer, Chris Griffin, to object to those cuts that have already been proposed, some of which are being covertly being introduced.  I strongly support this and hope that all will support our local firefighters.  Pleasingly the FBU is taking the lead in reconvening Trades Councils in Gloucestershire and it is important that we give them our support in return.


One thing we have learned to do is not to trust the BBC on the current cuts agenda.  It is quite clear that Mark Thompson , Director General of the BBC has sold out completely to the Coalition in order to try to protect the Licence Fee.  Look no further than the recent series of programmes on the cuts - shown last week in the regional slots.  Those chosen to make the presentation were a group of well-chosen hatchet men/women and bore no resemblance to the real people who understand and want to protect the public sector.  The broadcasts were unfair, ignorant and politically motivated and I hope that listeners will complain and demand some balance in reporting from now on.

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