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Join International Workers Day in Stroud

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27 Apr 2017
IWD Stroud
The International Workers Day or "May Day" march and gathering is meeting at 11:30am on Saturday 29 April in front of The Subscription Rooms. March Leaves at 12:00 noon. All participants invited to take part in a I.W.D Lunch at Lansdown Hall immediately following the end of the march. There will be an opportunity to eat, talk and prepare for the coming challenges. Please join us.

Marching on this date is a traditional celebration of workers and people to demonstrate for workers rights and for universal peace. It remember workers killed at work. All over the world workers and unions conduct events, demonstrations, vigils and a whole host of other activities to mark the day. The day is also intended to serve as a rallying cry to “remember the dead, but fight for the living”. 

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