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Dursley Councillor takes top job in local Labour Party

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24 Jul 2017
Doina Cornell

At a packed annual general meeting in Stonehouse last Friday evening, over 100 members of Stroud Constituency Labour Party elected their officers for the coming year. Stroud’s new Shadow Minister Dr David Drew stood down as chair, and Dursley community activist and Stroud District Councillor Doina Cornell was elected as chair.

 “It’s a huge privilege to be elected Chair of the CLP,” said Doina, “and I looking forward to working closely with all our members to support our MP David Drew and our leader Jeremy Corbyn’.

 Stroud Constituency party has seen its membership nearly quadruple since the 2015 General Election, from 430 members to 1,598 members today - believed to be the local party’s highest-ever number of members.

 At the meeting all the other posts were filled and the new set of officers is meeting to talk about the way forward for the local Labour Party, campaigning, socialising and working on plans for the next election/

The full list of people elected to run Stroud CLP for the next twelve months is as follows:

Chair: Doina Cornell

Vice Chair (Campaigns): Tracee Williams

Vice Chair (Membership): David Joyce

Secretary: John Bloxsom

Treasurer: Nick Harris

Women’s Officer: Dr Gemma Jerome

 Press Officers: Paul Halas and Natasha Josette.

 Executive Committee: Sue Capener, Hereward Corbett, Tim Davies, John Fowles, Paul Gibson, Paul Halas, George Harris, Kate Kay, Steve Lydon, Neil McLaughlin, Chris Minett, James Prewett, Skeena Rathor, Mattie Ross, Jo Smith, Chris Stockwell, Garry Strudwick, Lesley Williams and Miriam Yagud

Representative elected by affiliated organisations: Jo Smith (Co-Operative Party), Dave Foxton (Unison) and Trevor Hall (Unite)

Trade Union Liaison Officer: Trevor Hall

Membership Secretary: David Joyce

Disabilities Officers: Liz Ashton and Mike Gosling

Equalities Officer: James Prewett

 Fund-raising Officers:Hereward Corbett and Alex Lodge

Youth Officer: Thomas Haynes

Press Officers: Paul Halas and Natasha Josette

 Observers to County Labour Group: David Joyce, Stephen Moore, James Prewett and Miriam Yagud

 Observers to District Labour Group: Liz Ashton, Tim Davies, Mick Gibbons, Paul Gibson

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