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Mental health support for young people is vital says Labour

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20 Sep 2017

Stroud Labour concern for young people's mental health is key issue for conference

7 local Labour Party members are in Brighton to take part in the national Labour conference and the women's conference. They are hoping to put forward a resolution about the escalating need to provide adequate help for children and young people affected by mental health - a subject chosen by local members and championed by Youth Officer, Thomas Haynes.

Over 70 people turned up at Stroud Labour Party’s September All Member Meeting in Dursley, where they had the opportunity to choose the subject for a resolution to the Labour Party’s national conference. There was unanimous support for a resolution that highlighted the problems faced by schools wanting to provide better mental health support for pupils as budgets are cut and school counsellors can no longer be afforded.

“Research shows the value of schools-based preventative mental health programmes,” said Doina Cornell, Chair of Stroud CLP. “Schools are reporting more and more stress for children and teachers - often induced by the current testing regime. Our delegates to this year’s Labour conference will highlight the problems young people face as a result of this, made worse by insufficient funding for school counselling.”

The resolution was put forward by Richard House and Thomas Haynes, who told the meeting that the resolution called for support for a future Labour government to commit to more training for teachers in mental health issues, school mental health strategies and proper funding for age-appropriate therapy interventions at primary schools, as well as calling for all government education and school-related policy proposals to be formally assessed to check their mental-health impact on both children and teachers. “Teachers and educational specialists are saying in very clear terms that mental health services for children and young people are in crisis. They are underfunded and inadequate despite being needed even more than they were.”

Stroud CLP is sending 7 delegates to Brighton, 2 general delegates and 2 young delegates to the main conference plus 3 delegates to the women’s conference - other members will be attending as visitors.

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