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Stroud Labour's Youth Officer speaking at conference

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25 Sep 2017
Thomas Haynes

Stroud and Dursley members at Labour conference

Stroud Constituency Labour Party has 7 delegates in Brighton for this year’s annual conference - five at the main conference and two at the women’s conference.

Thomas Haynes, our Youth Officer, is one of the delegates at this year’s Labour Conference - and on the first main day of the conference he was called to speak at the debate on Europe.

Thomas spoke about the Labour win in Stroud, getting David Drew back into parliament.  He said he had been denied a vote for David and then again for the referendum in June as he was not quite 18 at the time of the election, though he would (like the majority of people in Stroud constituency) have voted to remain. Speaking of the number of young people who had voted to remain, he said there had been idealistic and practical reasons for their views. Young people like the idea of 27 countries with different ideals, languages, cultures, political traditions and ambitions. They liked the freedom of movement, being able to travel and work across the EU - and they believed keeping the union was the best thing for our future. Having an alliance of European countries, working together to improve the lives of all their inhabitants since the end of the second world war, was something that had kept Europe together instead of fighting one another.   

Thomas said his personal view was that remaining in Europe was the best thing for our country and that there have been no other case when a snapshot of public opinion on one day had been allowed to make such a change to the country.  If this had been policy previously, there would be no Welsh Assembly or Scottish Parliament, because they had both been rejected in earlier referendums until a Labour government brought them into being. Until Brexit has happened we need to keep freedom of movement and a single market - we need NHS staff, teachers and other valuable workers to be able to come in to the UK, Thomas said.

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