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Call for a halt to the roll out of Universal Credit

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28 Sep 2017
David Drew July 17

Universal Credit is a shambles, that’s why David Drew has signed a letter to the DWP Secretary to stop the rollout now

David is one of more than 120 MPs to sign a letter to David Gauke, the work and pensions secretary, asking him to delay implementation of a scheme that's barely tested and highly flawed:

- Only 77% of claims are currently processed and paid within 6 weeks.

- Many claimants are unaware of hardship payments and by the time they claim it is too late to prevent debt problems.

- Only around 40% of users successfully log into the Gov.UK ‘Verify’ system to make an online claim.

- The ‘Helpline’ cannot be contacted. We are told that phone waits are down to 3 minutes, but that is because after 3 minutes the caller receives an automated message to look online and is then cut off.

- The Landlord Portal is only at the bare minimum of functionality. It needs to be fully functioning and rolled out to all Councils and large-scale housing providers so they can assist with applicant queries and are aware when claimants have not received their UC payment.

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