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Gloucestershire NHS staff at risk from plan to 'outsource' them, says Labour

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10 Nov 2017
NHS cut

Labour is to quiz hospital bosses over plans to outsource 900 NHS staff in Gloucestershire

Labour’s Doina Cornell, who represents Stroud District Council on the county’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on behalf of the Labour group on Stroud, will at Shire Hall on Tuesday raise her objections to the scheme.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has admitted it is looking into moving staff to a subsidiary company in a bid to save money on its tax bill.

Doina Cornell said: “Apart from the irony of the NHS trying to avoid paying the tax that funds itself, I’m very concerned that it is workers who will pay for this move with their salaries and their pensions.

“Health bosses are very keen to talk about ‘One Place’. I prefer to talk about ‘One Team’ – the people who work hard every day to keep our NHS running in the face of unprecedented Tory cuts.

“Every NHS worker, whatever they do, wherever they work, should be valued equally, so this plan to separate non-medical staff from clinical staff, is shameful and divisive.

“If non-medical staff are cut adrift from their NHS contracts, how long before the new company seeks to squeeze their terms and conditions to save money? And how long before medical staff are forced off their NHS contracts too?

“Similar to what is happening at Cheltenham A&E, I fear we are witnessing the gradual dismantling of our NHS, which is being picked apart piece by piece by a Tory government.

“I shall make clear my opposition to these plans on Tuesday because the NHS should be caring for patients and looking after its own staff – not embarking on tax scams.”

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