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SDC councillors meet Shadow Secretary of State for Housing

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10 Nov 2017
John healdy

Labour Shadow Housing Minister meets Stroud District Councillors with David Drew MP, to talk about housing need here

Stroud’s MP, David Drew, set up a meeting with the Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, John Healey and Councillors Mattie Ross and Steve Lydon - to discuss the housing needs of people in the Stroud District.

"We had an excellent meeting with John,” said Steve Lydon, Leader of Stroud District Council. He  congratulated and commended us for all the work we are doing to alleviate the housing crisis we have in Stroud, though we can only go so far in the current financial constraints of the Tory government. John was particularly supportive of our attempt to lobby the prime minister by taking an all party approach. Key of course to any change in our ability to build more council homes and invest in our stock, will be the next budget"

"It was a real privilege to be in the palace of Westminster being greeted by David Drew as our MP and then ushered into a meeting with Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, John Healey,” said Labour Housing Committee Chair, Councillor Mattie Ross. “John Healey is known to us in Stroud having visited our fabulous new houses in Leonard Stanley. He was understanding courteous and kind, gave us much food for thought and though he sympathised with our dilemma could only hope that there might be something in the budget to help. The Tory Government may have recognised the broken housing market, but even if there is anything in the budget it would be minimal (‘scraps’ was his word) compared to what we want and are able to do. Mr Healey told Steve and Mattie that in his opinion, the only way to do what we want to do – build houses for people who need them at a price they can afford – would be to have a Labour Government.

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