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Doina Cornell has been elected leader of Stroud District Council

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26 Jan 2018

Doina Cornell has been elected leader of Stroud District Council. Doina Cornell was elected leader of Stroud District Council at a full council meeting on 25 January.

The Dursley Labour & Cooperative councillor said: “I’m proud and humbled to have been elected as leader.  As a councillor, I’ve always worked with all parties across the district and that’s what I’ll continue to do as leader.“But there will be times when I hold this Tory government to account. There are Labour and Tory leaders across the country who are very concerned about what is happening to local government.“

"I’m proud that for the last six years we’ve been running the council with our co-operative partners from the Green and Liberal Democrat parties, working alongside officers of the council who work so hard and don’t always get the gratitude and recognition they deserve.”

Latest figures from the Institute for Public Policy Research shows just 17% of council leaders across the UK are women. Cllr Cornell said: “It’s really great – as a woman – to be elected leader this year, when we’re going to be celebrating the centenary of women getting the vote for the first time.”

Cllr Cornell takes over from Cllr Steve Lydon, who stood down due to ill health. Cllr Lydon proposed Cllr Cornell for the post, saying: “She’s a great choice for us all and I look forward to working with her in the future.” Her nomination was seconded by Green councillor Simon Pickering, who said: “It’s a difficult task but she will make a good job of it, and I’m looking forward to working with her on a number of issues.”

Doina Cornell has lived in Dursley for 17 years, raising her two children and running a small family business.Contact: Cllr Doina Cornell 0771 741 3337

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