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ACTION: write to our MP to save the NHS

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20 Oct 2016
NHS cut

Please feel free to use this letter to write to Neil Carmichael, urging him to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill when it goes to Parliament next month. You can either print it up and post it to him at the House of Commons (address below) or copy and paste it into an email to him at


Neil Carmichael MP,
House of Commons, 

October 2016

Dear Neil Carmichael,

The NHS Reinstatement Bill is scheduled for its second reading on November 4th. I urge you to ensure it is granted time for debate in the House of Commons, and to support this Bill – which has cross-party support.

The NHS Reinstatement Bill will provide the legal framework to:

* restore the NHS as an accountable public service
* reverse 25 years of marketisation in the NHS
* end contracting out of services, which destabilises and fragments the NHS; enabling billion of pounds currently spent on ‘transaction costs’ to be re-directed to frontline services
* support integration of health with social care 
* remove the NHS from EU competition law
* restore the duty of government to provide health services across England

The present, costly, chaotic, fragmented and ineffective system urgently needs to be replaced by one that will allocate resources according to need, through a fair, democratically accountable and integrated planning system, removing the market and competition from the NHS.

The government’s current sustainability and transformation plans will only perpetuate the market system. We need our services to be comprehensive, transparent, equitable and affordable.

The only way these goals can be attained is through full public ownership of the NHS. Such a change requires legislation to win back our NHS in England. Please support the Bill. 

Yours sincerely,  


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