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Neil Carmichael to see I, Daniel Blake?

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10 Nov 2016
I, Daniel Blake

Neil Carmichael, the Conservative M.P. for Stroud, has been challenged to see the powerful new, award winning film by Ken Loach, which sold out on its opening day, and hundreds poured in to see the film and many were turned away. It now has an extended run until Thursday 24 November at Vue Cinema, Merrywalks, Stroud. 


Stroud District Citizens Advice has called on Neil Carmichael to see the film. Let us know if you see Neil at any of these screenings!

Friday 18 November 22:25pm

Saturday 19 November 20:25pm

Sunday 20 November 20:50pm

Monday 21 November - No screening

Tuesday 22 November 11:45am and 21:40pm

Wednesday 23 November 21:45

Thursday 24 November 20:30pm


The challenge issued by Sally Pickering, Chief Officer of Stroud District Citizens Advice issued on 17 November follows:

Dear Neil

I, along with hundreds of other people in Stroud, went to see the film "I, Daniel Blake", this
week. The story the film tells is unfortunately not unfamiliar. At Citizens Advice in Stroud we
come across many cases that are very similar to Daniel's or Katie's. Challenges with the work
capability assessment, medical evidence, mandatory reconsiderations, appeals and sanctions
are some of our biggest enquiry areas. The film is a powerful showcase of many aspects of the
welfare system that is not working for people.

Although around 84 of people who use DWP services are satisfied with them, the people we
help at Citizens Advice are more often than not part of the remaining 16, or 3.5 million
people, who are not satisfied.

Our clients are often people who don't know where to start because they have extra support
needs, who have got lost in a complex system and those for whom things have gone wrong.
They are also people who have to navigate policies and processes that have been based on
incorrect assumptions about how people live, are designed badly or are poorly implemented.

I urge you and your colleagues in Government to urgently address the following four key areas
that would make sure a huge difference to so many people like Daniel Blake:

  • Improve the design of the support offered to those who are disabled or have a health
    condition including the work capability assessment

  • Improve the problems of poor administration and assessments of Personal
    Independence Payments (PIP) and the subsequent cost and stress of appeals, most of
    which are successful.

  • Ensure thatJobCentre work coach staff have the capacity and knowledge to provide the
    support needed to new Universal Credit claimant groups

  • Tackle the problem of insecure, low-paid employment and the difficulty many people
    have in obtaining secure jobs. 

Yours sincerely, Sally Pickering, Chief Officer 

Citizens Advice Stroud & Cotswold Districts Limited Registered Office: Unit 8, Brunei Mall, London Road, Stroud GL5 2BP




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