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Care for the NHS

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25 Nov 2016
NHS cut

Labour is challenging the Tories on the state of the underfunded and understaffed NHS.


As part of its national day of action Labour will be in Stroud High Street and Dursley Parsonage Street on Saturday 26 November handing out leaflets, talking to voters and collecting petition signatures.


Thousands of Labour members will be joining one of the hundreds of local campaigning events across the country.  There are 3.9 million people are on waiting lists and it's become harder to see your GP. These are the choices the Tories have made - but it doesn't have to be this way.


Labour councillors led calls for the Gloucestershire Sustainability and Transformation Plan be put into the public domain.  This major plan for the future of the health service in the county was eventually published on 10 November 2016.


This is an NHS plan which local councillors will have no direct control over.


We are genuinely fearful that this process will be used as a smokescreen for further cuts in services and possible closure of valuable community facilities in the name of transformation


Staff and patients were not engaged in the process in drawing up the plan


Stroud Labour led Council will be leading an all party delegation of leaders to meet with local NHS bodies to seek assurances on securing the future of local facilities including Stroud Community Hospital and Stroud Maternity Unit


We have recently seen cuts to the overnight service of the Stroud Minor Injuries Unit and the Vale Hospital in Dursley MIU has recently been closed in the daytime


Nationally we have 50,000 clinical staff vacancies, work related stress, poor morale and the post Brexit insecurity being felt by by vital overseas workers.


Locally we face cuts to County Council based public health, education and training, e.g. Withdrawal  of funding for the award winning " warm and well " housing scheme, and the South West regional smoking cessation programme. 


Labour County and District Councillors will continue to fight for an NHS based on meeting people's needs not their ability to pay.

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