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Labour Blasts Tory County Budget

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08 Dec 2016
Steve Lydon election

The Conservative-led county council is again proposing to increase council tax whilst cutting its budget.

The County is proposing a 2017/18 budget of £397.1 million - £11.3 million less than 2016/17.This represents an overall cut of 2.8 per cent to GCC’s total budget.

It is also suggesting another 1.99 per cent council tax increase – and an adult social care levy of 2 per cent on top of that. This is equivalent to an increase of £45.25 per year or £3.77 per month for the average band D household.

The Labour group on the council has slammed the Tories' budget. Steve Lydon, county councillor for Dursley, accused the authority of distorting information and figures they give to the public. The shadow cabinet member for finance said:

"To call this a budget is being generous.

They have only given headline figures and have presented a rose tinted view of the finances.

Readers don't need me to tell them that the funding is being cut further, they can see it in the shabby state of our roads and the lack of care for elderly residents.

I can tell you this, if this were a Labour run county council, we would not have allowed it to get this bad. The Conservatives are out of steam and not fit for purpose". 


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