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NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan Update

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14 Dec 2016
NHS stethoscope

Lesley Williams, Leader of the County Labour Group, explains "Gloucestershire Labour Councillors have a proud record of defending and advocating for an NHS that adheres to the principles of the founders of the NHS that resources should be allocated on the basis of need not for profit.

A number of us lobbied hard to get the STP placed into the public domain which it now has. However, what is most telling is what is not in the Plan. It seems that the controversial topics e.g. Detail on budget "savings " and assets will not be discussed /put into the public domain until after May 2017 County Council election. 

This will come as no surprise as the Conservative controlled County Council do not want to expose their planned cuts in the public health budget or how they propose to handle the ongoing crisis we have in the County for Adult and Social Care.

We are pressing for a full briefing to be given to all County Councillors on what is in the STP and to question the Health Bodies on the omissions as mentioned above. Labour County and District Members on the County Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee which all health bodies have a duty to attend, continue to raise and question decisions being made that effect patient care.

We share the concern reference continued privatisation of services and the lack of joined up thinking, evidenced by the continued poor performance of 111 service and the non-urgent patient transport service both run by private providers. 

We have, and will continue, to seek assurances on the future of key local services not least Stroud Hospital and the Stroud Maternity Unit. Lastly we will continue to lobby to ensure there is wider recognition of the role of wider determinants of health e.g. Housing and Environmental Health, and the need to promote healthy living".

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