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Labour attack Conservatives' failure to find funding for County’s social care crisis

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19 Feb 2017
Lesley Williams

TheLabour Group on Gloucestershire County Council have criticised the ruling minority Conservative Council today after they failed to secure more funding for the County’s growing social care crisis.

Conservative and UKIP Councillors joined together to defeat a Labour motion that would have delayed agreeing the budget by a week so that more money could be found to fund the growing social care gap.

Leader of the Labour Group, Lesley Williams (L. Stonehouse) said:
“Conservative and UKIP councillors should be ashamed, they were playing party politics with people’s
lives. We have to get to grips with this crisis. Since 2013 the budget has been cut from £157m to £136m
this year. It’s a disgrace, and people have to understand that the Tories are not looking out for them.”

Barry Kirby (L. Grange and Kingsway) said

“It’s simple really; the Tories had a chance to stand up for all residents and put their Party second. They wouldn’t stand up to local MPs over the lack of funding, so now there will be even less money to spend on care. Its time they moved over and let others get on with the job of running the County. We’re
all sick of Conservatives playing party politics with our finances.”

The County Council has to find around £11m cuts and changes to its services to meet the reduction in funding from Government. This will be the seventh year that the County Council has had to find this level of cut, and the Labour group are concerned that without adopting new ways of delivering services, focused on the needs of people, then residents will continue to suffer.

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