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Stroud District Council Pioneers Sustainable Design and Construction Checklist For Developers

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20 Feb 2017
Paul Denney

Labour-led Stroud District Council continues to reinforce its environmental credentials, approving a Sustainable Design and Construction Checklist for new developments, to assist with a cost-effective transition to a low carbon economy.

The purpose of the checklist will enable the Council to assess which sustainable construction principles have been considered in development proposals for new build and/or refurbishment of existing buildings, from initial project thinking through to development completion.

'It's fantastic that we have a policy like this in place now,' said Labour Councillor Paul Denney, Vice-Chair of the Environment Committee. 'Yet again Stroud District Council is leading the way, we are the only council in the country to have such a comprehensive policy on sustainable development. Although it is voluntary and we will have to rely on the good will of developers to adopt it, if they do it will act as a quality mark for excellent housing. By following our guidance the resulting houses will be far better for the people who live in them, they will cost far less to heat and run and in the long term they will be better for the environment. But it’s not just houses, our check list extends to commercial properties too. 

Stroud District Council is led by a cooperative alliance between Labour, Green and Liberal Democratic councillors, who approved this policy at the Environment Committee on Thursday 16th of Feb 2017. It will now be sent out to developers looking to put forward planning applications from that date. 

Anyone looking to purchase a new house in the District will now be able to request a copy of the "Sustainable Design and Construction Checklist" which should have been filled out by the developer when they applied for planning permission.

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