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Labour calls for Blue Badge review in County

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20 Mar 2017
Leslie Williams 2017

At Wednesday’s Council meeting (22nd of March) the Labour Group will be asking the County Council to look again at the issuing of disabled blue badges in the County. In recent months residents have been reporting that they are finding it much harder to secure blue badges for their cars despite being eligible for them. This comes at a time when rates of loneliness and isolation have increased and it is feared that the two issues could be linked.

Proposer of the motion Lesley Williams (L. Stonehouse) said: “Residents have been reporting to me for months now that the Council are making it harder for them to get a blue badge. Even after doctors and other medical professionals have agreed to their need for one. My concern is that by making it harder to get them more and more people will feel isolated and lonely as they won’t be able to get out of their homes.”

Seconder of the motion Tracy Millard (L. Tuffley) said “People need to know that the Council are on their side, and we have to make it easier for residents, who genuinely need a blue badge, to be able to get them. I hope that the Council listen to our concerns and agree with us that this has been going on for far too long.”

If passed, the Council will undertake a public consultation and review with all interested groups and individuals on their experiences of this issue so that fewer people have are isolated.

The motion reads:
Blue Badges Motion
Proposer: Lesley Williams
Seconder: Tracy Millard
This Council recognises that regulations over who can and cannot get a Blue Badges are getting much stricter. As a Council we believe everyone who needs a Blue Badge should be able to get one. 
This Council commits to review its Blue Badge policy criteria and will invite all relevant community groups and interested partners to an open consultation over how we can make this service more accessible.
This Council asks that a report is produced with options on how to achieve this by the end of 2017 which is in turn given to Council to discuss.

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