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‘Combining socialising with socialism for the good of Stroud, and the aim of making Stroud red again’

Welcome to the pages of Stroud Young Labour. Stroud Young Labour is a large and active group with over 50 members, for under 27s in the area. Latest news and events are on our News page.
Below are some of our many activities:


  • Various socials, normally either at a local restaurant/pub or at the Labour party building in Stroud
  • Young Labour evenings - we meet in the Labour Party office and do phone canvassing, envelope stuffing and do other activities as well as socialising during and afterwards 

  • Other campaigning activities. We either do canvassing, deliver leaflets or hold a street stall in a local town and sometimes have food or a drink afterwards
  • Rallies and protests - we take part in rallies such as the International Workers Day march or travel together to a protest such as the DEMO2010 protest in London about higher education
  • Meetings-we hold meetings at which members plan future events, have discussions, elect local and national officers and run our own campaigns (eg about Student Fees)

All under 27s are very welcome to get involved (you do not need to be a member)

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