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Stroud Young Labour Invite you to our Barbeque

On Sunday 14th July Stroud Young Labour are hosting a Barbeque to celebrate our recent fantastic results in the recent local elections, where we gained Dursley and Cam East as well as great results across the rest of the Constituency. Any Young People are welcome to the BBQ and we encourage you to bring like minded friends. The BBQ will be free of charge and a variety of meat and vegetarian items will be on offer. See the flyer below for more information and please get in touch with any queries!

Press Release 18/06/13-Tuition fees sell out!

Students are being put off applying to university because tuition fees for university students have risen, says Stroud Labour.

“It is very disturbing that more and more young people are being put off by the cost of the government’s higher tuition fees, said David Drew, Stroud’s Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate. “Also, among the younger age group as a whole people from a poorer background are being worst hit and that’s a major concern.”

Numbers overall since 2010 have been badly hit and are nowhere near where they should be. Stroud’s Tory MP voted for the Coalition’s proposals to raise tuition fees, betraying a clear lack of understanding of the concerns of local young people who cannot afford this cost - and whose talents are being squandered by this government’s disastrous policies on higher education.

David Drew said that he was very concerned about the number of people who are applying to university. “It is deeply worrying for the prospects of young people and everyone who dreams of going to university,” said David. “Confirmation of the problem was provided by a recent poll showing that 57% of those asked said that fees were the biggest barrier for people who want to go to university.”

The recently publicised plans to sell off student fees to private loan companies will also have the effect of further undermining universities, Labour believes. “The Rothschild report, which controversially proposes that students should accept worsening terms for their loan, is effectively just privatisation of the loans,” said David. “The way the proposal has been announced is typical of how the Coalition has tried to avoid public scrutiny of the debate about how to manage and fund our universities.”

13 April 2013 - Ed Miliband meets Young Labour members in Stroud High Street

Today Ed Miliband came to Stroud on his local election tour of Britain. Stroud Young Labour members were among the hundreds of people in attendance in Stroud High Street where Ed made a speech on a soap box, followed by taking questions from the crowd. Stroud Young Labour member Andrew Watt said ‘I was delighted to meet Ed today. I was very impressed by both his vision for Britain and his skill in delivering a speech and answering the tough questions many people asked him’. Members are also currently Campaigning for candidates in the upcoming County Council elections.

Press Release 19/06/2012

Stroud Young Labour says no to Further Education fees

On the heels of the trebling of tuition fees and the scrapping of EMAs, the government is now planning from 2013/14 to force adult learners aged 24 and above to take out loans up to £4,000pa to cover their courses (A-level equivalent Level 3 and above) which includes apprenticeships. Around 390,000 people took such courses in 2010/11, according to Skills Funding Agency figures, and these changes will apply to HE Access courses which have operated as a long standing route into university for those who missed out first time round or are from more disadvantaged backgrounds. Around 70% of enrolments on Access courses were women in 2009/10, a high proportion are from deprived backgrounds and a high percentage of learners are also enrolled in courses directly related to or benefitting public services. This means these plans will affect social mobility at the same time as having a possible adverse effect on public services.

Stroud Young Labour opposes these plans (as does the Parliamentary Labour Party) and is supporting the NUS’s day of Action which takes place this Friday, 22nd June. Francis Douglas-Philips, Chair of the 50 member group says ‘The Tory led Government’s policy of FE loans is a misguided attack on aspiration and people trying to develop their skills, like taking on an apprenticeship – this could affect many people locally. We need a more skilled workforce so we can pay our way in the world, not put up barriers, as the Government is doing, for people trying to get on’. The group urges everyone to write to their MP about this issue and get in touch if they would like to join our campaign.


Press Release 31st March 2011

Stroud Young Labour march on London

Stroud Young Labour (SYL) joined the hundreds of thousands marching on Whitehall to show their anger and dismay at the Coalition government’s draconian spending cuts programme. Together with three coaches of protestors, SYL made the trip with ten of their fifty-plus membership, the youngest of whom was 17. The group marched through the heart of London alongside trade unionists, teachers, doctors, nurses, students as well as everyday Gloucestershire folk including former Stroud MP David Drew and Stonehouse Mayor Mattie Ross.

Laurence Atkinson, Chair of SYL, said ‘It was brilliant to march alongside a whole myriad of people in what was a carnival-like atmosphere.’ The Stonehouse resident, who attends Marling Sixth Form, also said ‘Although it is a shame that some felt violence was the best form of protest, the message of the day was made clear by Ed Miliband – we are not going to take these cuts lying down, and there is an alternative. It was particularly important for young people to have a presence in London as the cuts are going to hit us harder than most. Tripled tuition fees, slashes in education funding and the abolition of EMA are all examples of the assault on young people instigated by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, supported by our MP Neil Carmichael.’

Thomas Lydon, of Leonard Stanley and politics student at the University of Leeds, called on fellow Stroud residents to display their anger through the upcoming local elections. ‘Although it is difficult to accept we have a hypocrite for a Member of Parliament, people have a chance to show how disgusted they are with Mr. Carmichael and his government sooner than they may think. Send them a message by voting Labour on May 5th as the only real alternative to the Tories and Liberals. They are hand-in-hand destroying our public services, decimating our youth services, making thousands of hard-working people unemployed and perhaps, most importantly, selling off the bedrock of this the country, the NHS, to greedy businessmen looking to make a quick quid off people’s ill health. They must be stopped, and people can make a difference by backing their local Labour candidate in the May elections.’


Press Release 15th February 2011

Stroud Young Labour Criticise Youth Centre Closures
Recently, Gloucestershire County Council announced its decision to save money by shutting down youth groups in addition to libraries. Under the new system, youth groups would be moved from outlying towns to the centre of each district within the county, resulting in the closure of many youth centres
Laurence Atkinson, Young Labour Chair, said that ‘Youth groups are an essential part of social and mental development for many children and this is being taken away, particularly from those in smaller towns in the area. Services for young people are being targeted by the Government and this simply isn’t fair. Reducing support for those who need it the most seems to completely contradict the idea of the Big Society which the Prime Minister spoke about on the 14th February.’
The plans by the council are likely to cause access issues for many, meaning that some will miss out on services and will be at a disadvantage as a result. Those who use these services also tend to be from a lower income background, showing that the poorest are being hit the hardest by the Government at every level, despite the Chancellor’s claims that ‘we’re all in this together’. Young Labour Secretary Andrew Watt said ‘These claims just seem preposterous – he just needs to wake up and realise what he is saying and the lives that are being affected as a result.’

Press Release 15th November 2010


Stroud Young Labour, the youth wing of Stroud CLP, joined over 50,000 other students and lecturers for the NUS/UCU Demonstration on Wednesday to show their disgust at the government’s proposed hike in university tuition fees. Sixteen members made the early morning trip to march through the heart of government, and were joined by fellow Stroud Young Labour members who attend universities such as Oxford Brookes, Exeter and Leeds with placards jibing Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg for his broken pledge to not vote against any hike in fees.

Laurence Atkinson, who chairs the group which has a membership of over 40, said ‘I was so proud to see so many of our members making their voices heard, in order to try and stop the grossly unfair measures this ConDem government are trying to impose on us.’ The Stonehouse resident who attends Marling School Sixth Form also said ‘It was amazing to join such a massive amount of other people – not just students – who are so so angry at the broken pledges made by the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg. If I was him, I’d be very worried for my election chances come 2015.’ He was also quick to condemn the violence seen at the Millbank complex, which houses Tory HQ. ‘It was such a shame that all the press coverage was of the actions a stupid few,’ said Laurence, 17 ‘rather than of the re-mobilisation of the student population and the proper, peaceful protest that symbolises what is to come if this government is to continue with their draconian cuts, worse than was seen under Thatcher.’

Also joining the march with Stroud Young Labour was Leeds student Thomas Lydon. He said ‘What a shame that the voices of hundreds of thousands falls on deaf ears here in Stroud. In a letter to me, Neil Carmichael described the Browne Review and his government’s response as ‘a progressive solution’ which really shows just how out of touch he and his colleagues are.’ The politics student, who used to chair the Stroud District Youth Council also said ‘Our job now is to mobilise the large swathes of young people who will be eligible to vote at the next election who can see for themselves that what our local MP is saying is just inconsistent. He justifies the cuts through the collective debt that is owed, but thinks it is OK to put £40,000+ of personal debt on future students. It is simply not on.’

Stroud Young Labour are also joining the Gloucester District Anti-Cuts Rally and March on Saturday 20th November in Gloucester city centre.
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