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Welcome to the website of Stroud Constituency Labour Party

The General Election campaign is now well underway and David Drew is out and about, talking to local people and campaiging on the issues he believes are important to us here, in our market towns and our rural villages.  

Over the last 5 years he has held a series of events called 'Talking Politics', on issues from housing to energy. A brief talk from David, a response from an expert, then general discussion. There have been some extremely useful discussions which have kept David aware of what people think on key issues. During the 5 years he has also continued to work with many parish councils, community and voluntary organisations across the constituency.

Over the last couple of months, with the general election on its way, David has held an evening meeting plus a Saturday High Street event in all our market towns. He’s engaged with people in each area, gathering more views on the policies that local people want their next government to take on board.

He is now publishing a personal manifesto for the election, shaped by the views of the people who attended these events and all the people he has talked to along the way. See here to read his manifesto.

If you want a poster or to help with the campaign - click on the David Drew link above and fill in the form or ring us on 01453 840080.

To see the Labour Party manifesto, go to

From David Drew:

“The Labour Party has a manifesto, which I am signed up to, but my manifesto shows how, if elected, I will want to take some of those policies further. If you have questions or comments please get in touch with me on or call 01453 840060.”

We're at a fork in the road.

The result of this General Election will change things, locally and nationally, for good or for ill.

We can choose to rebuild our fractured public services, our NHS, our economy. We can go for jobs and growth (greening the economy). We can make the rich pay what they owe - and make work pay for the rest of us. We can repeal the Bedroom Tax and bring railway contracts into the public sector.

Or we can choose to let the Tories sell off our NHS, cut council funding for young and old, kill badgers for no reason. Poverty pay for millions, while the rich get richer. Climate change denied; millions in fuel poverty. The least well-off penalised - foodbanks growing. Arts, culture, sports abandoned.

I believe in social justice:

- A responsibility to create a fairer society.

- Decent jobs for those who can work, support for those who can't. An NHS, schools and public services that are valued.  

- Protection of our environment for those who come after us.

If you share my values, vote for those values on 7 May.

I pledge to work hard for this constituency, its residents and its communities.

Join Stroud Constituency Labour Party - click on the link (below the video)

Our Stroud office is at 5a Lansdown, Stroud (usually open normal office hours but you can check on 01453 840080) and we now have an office open in Dursley at 10 Silver Street (open 10-1pm Monday to Saturday). You can email for more information.

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