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Unite behind Labour - and get the Tories out

So many people I come across deserve a fairer deal in life. The woman at the foodbank because her zero hour contract doesn't pay enough to live on. The man having to leave his home after his disabled son dies and suddenly he has a spare bedroom. The women who can't work because they can't afford childcare.  People waiting in pain for months for surgery. Our NHS is at creaking point, our green fields are under threat from developers, and climate change is being ignored in favour of subsidising fossil fuels.

Government should be about creating a fairer society - the Coalition has done the reverse. We need a change, plus an MP we can trust, who speaks up for us in Westminster, not the other way around. This is what I tried to do for the 13 years I was MP and what I'd do again if elected on 7 May. Neither our towns and villages nor the country can endure 5 more years of a Tory elite that allows the burden of 'austerity' to fall upon the shoulders least able to cope with it.

I’ve always supported proportional voting, but unfortunately this election is being fought under first past the post. That makes a hard decision for some people. But if you will all unite behind me to dislodge the Tories, I will pledge to go forward for you - to fight for a better deal for all who need me and ask for my help.

David Drew, Labour & Co-operative candidate

Neither the Greens not the LibDems can win here - the polls (and Ladbrokes!) make that quite clear.

Only Neil Carmichael or David Drew can win on 7 May. Voting for any other parties creates a risk that David will lose. This is a marginal seat - so if David loses, the Tories are more likely to remain in power.

If Neil Carmichael gets back in, who then will fight for the people who have to go to the food banks?   Who will defend Stroud hospital against further privatisation? Who will ban zero hour contracts?  Who will keep the hunting ban and stop badger culling? Who will stop the Tory plans for £12 billion cuts from working-age benefits and more terrible hardship for low-paid?

If David is not elected here, there will be no Labour government and no repeal of the Health and Social Care Act or the bedroom Tax, says Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Minister, visiting Stroud in the last few days of the election campaign.  “It’s as simple as this - if David Drew is not back with us in Parliament to repeal the Cameron and Lansley Health and Social Care Act we cannot say what will happen to the NHS in five years’ time. It’s mental health, it’s social care, it’s GP services that are at stake. The Coalition Government has created front and back door pressure on the NHS.”

“No election in living memory will have such a profound and irrevocable effect  on who we are, how we live and what is to become of us. (Polly Toynbee, The Guardian 28.4.15).

If you want a poster or to help with the campaign - click on the David Drew link above and fill in the form or ring us on 01453 840080.

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